• When you give everything you have on stage 

    you can connect to the audience, 

    the audience connects to each other,

    and it's not like anything else in the world.

Find me in the music

There was always music in my house and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t sing. Because of music I have met awesome people and done some amazing things. 

When I hear relatable lyrics or a riff that I keep singing again and again I want to be part of it. So then when I write I go looking for the stories that stick in my head. Sometimes they’re the world’s stories, or friends stories and sometimes they’re mine, but they all mean something to me. 

I love writing rock and blues songs with my Vintage Flight band mates and also working on projects with some other incredible musicians. It seems like every day I am hearing new songs and artists that teach me something about music or even the world. This is the beginning and I’m excited about where it’s all going.