PRESS RELEASE: Sept. 8, 2017

Kitchener-Waterloo ON Canada

13 year old singer-songwriter Avalon is having a big week. Just as she starts her first year of high school, she is also releasing the first taste of her new solo project. Her new cover single, Prisoner (feat. Shawn Kellerman), will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and many others starting this Friday September 8th.

We have seen a lot from Avalon and her band Vintage Flight (formerly AshenBlue) over the last few months. Live music lovers from all over Ontario got the chance to see them at several festivals this summer... and thanks to the recent release of their self titled original EP they are finding new fans from all over the world. 

Friday's release of Prisoner is Avalon's first solo song, and it is being released as part of her collaboration with legendary guitarist, songwriter and producer Shawn Kellerman. When you combine Avalon's high energy performance and powerful voice with Shawn's guitar chops you get a song that reminds us why we love to play our rock music loud. 

Avalon is very excited about the opportunity for creativity and growth that comes from being part of Vintage Flight, and from exploring solo projects that allow her to work with and learn from renowned musicians. Avalon says that there is new music in the works on both fronts. "I've always felt connected to the world with music.  And if I'm writing for a project or together with the band, it gives me a chance to connect with people in lots of different ways." 

Update: Prisoner is now available  
Google Play
Or Search "Avalon Prisoner"

Connect and follow Avalon on her website www.avalonsmusic.com twitter/instagram @AvalonBridger Facebook Facebook.com/AvalonsMusic 

Vintage Flight Takes Off in 2017

The Record Arts and Entertainment section

...The band also won the 2017 Grand River Blues Society Youth Legacy Challenge... following in the footsteps of Blues Camp alumni like Joshua David and Johanna Pavia.

And if that's not enough, Ashen Blue has officially switched their name to Vintage Flight just in time for the Saturday showcase.

...Vintage Flight is also releasing a three-song EP produced by acclaimed guitarist Shawn Kellerman...

...Vintage Flight feels fortunate to be growing up in Waterloo Region.

"So many of the musicians and fans here are a community," she Bridger. "They support each other, and they especially help support new musicians like us." <read full article>

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What's On: oneROOF Fundraiser

AshenBlue was happy to be invited to play at the oneROOF fundraiser and support a cause that is close to our hearts. One youth on the street is too many. <read full article>

Grand River Blues News - AshenBlue Will Play Youth Showcase at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis

The Grand River Blues Society (GRBS) hosted its annual regional competition on October 2nd, 2016 to select its representatives for the 2017 International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis.

The Grand River Blues Society has selected AshenBlue, a band made up of young musicians Avalon Bridger, Dalton Durham, Jake Shepherd, and Quinlan Missikowski, as one of only three Canadian bands to perform in the IBC Youth Showcase. <read full article>

Kitchener Waterloo Record - Avalon Bridger Just 12 But Already an Old Soul Plays Kitchener

Twelve-year-old singer/songwriter Avalon Bridger says her unusual name is based on the mythical tale of King Arthur. Avalon is a magical, idyllic place perhaps a little like the place that Bridger goes to when she writes music.

She admits she's shy and music is a way for her to connect with people. But onstage this young performer is a dynamo in the making, wowing audiences, belting out rock and blues like a performer far beyond her years.

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